Raju - Founder @ Prama from Kentucky, United States

Came across Graph technologies while doing a course at Coursera about 4 years ago.. Pivoted to reading Neo4J book instead and fell in love with Graph since.

Building software solutions where Neo4J plays a big role.

Welcome Raju,

good luck with the graph based solutions you're building. Perhaps you can share some of your experience and help others.

Cheers, Michael

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Thank you Michael! Would love to!

I really need help myself with how to use the 24 CPU license to drive multiple databases to supporting multuple customers on our platform. I have posted in the community .. Is it something you can help with?



I think if you have that license, it's best to raise a support ticket.

Otherwise you can either separate your users e.g. by label for tenant.

The upcoming 4.0 version will have proper multi-database/multi-tenancy, which you should be able to test from 4.0.MR2 in a few weeks.

Thank you very much Michael. Really appreciate your quick response.

Did not know that I could raise a support ticket. Will pursue that as well.

We currently built multi-tenancy support on one database using tenant id stamped on every node/relationship.

But, the first 2 customers we have are not that comfortable with sharing the same database.

Thank you for suggesting v4.0 .. Will check that out. Any ideas on when v4.0 will be released? We are to take these 2 customers to production by end of August.

As another option, wondering if we can run multiple instances of Neo4J on a Kubernetes cluster sized to 24 CPUs (say 3 node cluster with each node sized to 6 CPUs). If so, does the licensing we have allow for it?