Question about: Using a Machine Learning Workflow for Link Prediction - Using a Machine

Thank you very much for the very inspiring Online-Course:
I have some Questions about 04_Predictions.ipynb
In line[28] you create a named graph:"""
CALL gds.graph.create('coauthor','Author',
 {CO_AUTHOR_EARLY: {orientation:'UNDIRECTED'},
  CO_AUTHOR: {orientation:'UNDIRECTED'}}) // ### Should be CO_AUTHOR_LATE ???

My Question is if the should be CO_AUTHOR_LATE instead of CO_AUTHOR ?

Hi @andreas_kuczera,

It is correct that it says CO_AUTHOR rather than CO_AUTHOR_LATE. I broke it down in more detail on another thread over here - Typo or correct in 04_Predictions.ipynb of Data Science with Neo4j 3.5 - #6 by mark.needham

Cheers, Mark

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