Q/A system using graphs


(Prashanth) #1

i am completely new to the neo4j but i practiced a lot to build graph models using small data sets.
now i am trying to implement Q/A system using graph functions.
How to add new set of question and answer to the graphs and how to retrieve answers from questions or from options or from domains?
i searched a lot in google but i didn't find any way.
please suggest me away to get over this.

thanks in advance

(Ericbrow) #2

Do you have a brain-storming model, or flow chart that may help explain what you are trying to do?

(Prashanth) #3

For example i want to build a chat bot for customer service and this bot responds all the questions asked by user and post related answers to the user.

i had a data set of questions and answers.

  1. So how to build knowledge graph to above dataset
  2. Do we need any training process?
  3. How can i predict answer to the question using knowledge graphs
    for example as below screeshot