Python connect to neo4j

This may be simple answer that I cannot find because most questions are too complicated on the topic. Simply can I connect to neo4j Desktop local version "WITHOUT clicking Start" on the database in Neo4j Desktop 1.3.8? Version of neo4j for Python is neo4j is 4.1.1 and Neo4j database. Sort of like you can connect to Sqlite and MySQL without actually open the databases.

@bjwiley23 in Sqllite, MySQL, MS SQL Server once the Service/ Server is turned on .. it results in the databases listed under them become active/ available for incoming connections.

In Neo, although we have the desktop app up/ turned on, but we don't have any active DBMS which would accept incoming connections, as a result I feel without we starting a DBMS, it would not work.

Refer the line " The metadata for these databases, including the associated security model, is maintained in a special database called the system database" in the Introduction section of Neo manual.

Hope this helps.