Problem with datetimes from python/pandas

Dear colleagues,

I'm struggling with datetimes from python/pandas. I'm building a graph from pandas data in which nodes are meant to have da timestamp property imported from pandas. In the pandas dataframe I have a datetime[64] column that reads like '2018-02-20T22:06:55.001290' (iso format) and I can import datetime data as dtrings in nodes properties. The problem is that I'm not able to parse the datetime strings in a way they can be used to match nodes according to a time interval, for example.

What is the best approach when importing datetime data from pandas to neo4j ?

Thanks in advance.

you can use DATETIME("2018-02-20T22:06:55.001290") if you are using cypher to ingest data to graph .
if you already have the dates as strings in graph, you can convert them using DATETIME(node.stringDateProperty) and store as node.dateProperty ..then use dateProperty to query based on time intervals

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