Predictive Analytics: What mechanisms should I look at?

HI Guys
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I am new to this stuff. I have been watching every Amy, whom I have met, and Alicia videos I can find, they are great. I am working to bring Neo4J and the Data Science Library into MITRE Labs where I work. I am new to the DSL and Graph Algorithms, but hard at work in study. I need some guidance on which Algorithms to use for my given task (if it helps, I can set up a Teams meeting, or whatever, to chat).

Made Up Similar Scenario:

Let’s say I am a consulting company for car manufactures and I have broken down by year, state, and county demographics like, household income, vehicle registration info (type/age/model, etc.), age of the owner, etc. also things like Unemployment numbers, and inflation and interest rates, and all sorts of things which I have loaded into a nice graph.

I would like to predict, for all these different car manufactures how many cars and trucks of this type and that type should be made, and where in the county they should be sent to. I am trying to predict the load and resources, that should be expected for each manufacturing facility.

Can you maybe give me a start in this?

Thanks guys.

Hi @rlukas !

There are tons of ways to get started! If you have a lot of data that describes each car node in your graph (type/age/model) or each person node - but you aren't sure how to create relationships, you can use the KNN algorithm to build up a graph of similar nodes based on their attributes.

If you already have connected data in Neo4j, and you want to do feature engineering to create some graphy features for an external ML algorithm, you can use something like GraphSAGE, which can encode both graph topology, multiple node types, and node properties.

If you're looking at routing - where should things be sent - then the path finding algorithms are probably useful to check out as well: Path finding - Neo4j Graph Data Science

Good luck, and keep us posted! If you're associated with a Neo4j account or prospect, you can always contact your AE for support for a PoC or scheduling professional services.