Possible bug in upgrading database through Neo4j Desktop, neo4j.conf file truncated

I have had Desktop running for a few days and it came with version 3.5.9 of Neo4j. Today I tried the upgrade to 3.5.11. I'm on a Windows 10 machine. I wanted to see what happened with the neo4j.conf file and if it kept my changes(it did :)) but looking at the file size, it was a lot smaller! 3.5.11 started fine too, and it seemed to work ok.
I put the .conf files into a text compare program to see what the difference was. neo4j.conf was smaller, 17k, and neo4j.conf-default was larger (40k). The very end of the smaller one is:

# Causal Clustering Load Balancing

# N.B: Read the online documentation for a thorough explanation!

# Selects the load balancing plugin that shall be enabled.

####### Examples for "server_policies" p

My added settings were just:

browser.post_connect_cmd=config {maxHistory:99}
dbms.tx_log.rotation.retention_policy=100M size

it just ends at the letter 'p' and then keeps the security setting for procedures, it's like it was cut off at a certain character count. Maybe all the uncommented settings were kept, but lots of the commented ones were not. Has anyone else noticed this?