Frequent Neo4J desktop file updating

Hi Rob here - newbie

Recently installed Neo4J desktop on my windows 10 machine to try and test out Neo4J.

I've noticed that I am getting very frequent file updates - several hundred every every few minutes. This updating occurs even when Neo4J is not running.

Does anyone know if this is expected behavior and what is the purpose of these updates?


I think what you are looking at is actually the Desktop checking for new updates and not really updating new files. My screenshot included:

Thanks Bratanic. It seems as if it is doing more than just sending requests. I had placed the Neo4Jdesktop folder on dropbox and it looks like file in the ...NEo4JDesktop/relate-data/dbmss/..... folder are continuously being modified. Screen shot of some of the files that were modified

Are you sure that neo4j is not running?

Those files are information for the page-cache warmup information, so when neo4j restarts it can refill the page-cache with the previous data.

if you run into issues with Desktop 1.4.7 on Windows could you try this and report back?

try asking them to delete the C:\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Neo4j\Relate\Cache\plugin-sources\default-sources.json file and see if that helps? We think that the reason for desktop not starting for some users might be that the cached plugin sources has become corrupt