PopotoJs Neo4J Connection

I am developing an application with PopotoJS & Neo4J . I need to connect to the Neo4JDB but REST APIs are not enabled in the company. Is there any way to connect using BOLT url in popotojs ?
When I used Bolt url I got the CORS error. Any help is appreciated.

popoto.rest.CYPHERURL = bolt+s:// or Neo4j+s:// (something like this)

From the GH issues it seems that bolt is currently not yet implemented in popoto.

So either someone needs to help the project implement using the bolt driver or you need to enable http (or route it through another port)

Thank you so much! we enabled http

I reached out to the maintainer, let's see if we can make progress for the bolt support.

Hi, I came up with another question.
How to write custom queries in Popoto JS . For example how to run cypher query that get records from two nodes with where condition.Thank you so much for your help.Please let me know if any Popoto JS videos or course for deep understanding

Best to raise these questions as issues on the repository