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Hi All,

Am new to Neo4J. Could anyone let me know whats the idle time to store 9K Nodes and 31K relationships with Merge calls. Also let me know what is best way to store such a huge data(Like Java neo4j driver transaction or Cypher query plan with having data in CSV).

Prabhu Chandrasekaran

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Hi Prabhu, you want to know import time or query performance for 9K Nodes ?

Hi DKumar,

Thanks, I had achieved in 25 Sec by adding index ...

Prabhu Chandrasekaran

Hi @prabhutech37,
Might be more helpful for you if you posted this question inside the technical categories. We have a lot of our internal engineers scoping out the questions there and they might be able to help. :heart:

You can browse categories here:

that's awesome. always check on the profile for more insights.

Hi there, 25s for this still seems very slow, could you create an issue in the graph platform section, and share the query you're using, as well as a PROFILE of the query plan (with all plan elements expanded?)