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Been lurking around Neo4j for a while now, and took the plunge to go to GraphConnect 2018 in NYC last week. GraphConnect was an excellent conference. There was enough content to have a couple of great jam-packed days, but small enough to not get that "lost-in-a-conference" fog. I found myself very inspired by some of the presentations, and couldn't wait to get back home and start on some new projects!

My primary background is NOT in app/db development (more dev-ops for process/infrastructure management) But I'm diving into some Neo4j and starting to get my hands dirty. I have some MSSQL background, so I'll probably have an easier time with the data side, and be looking for some help to build the user-facing app front-ends.

Now I'm diving into building a service management decision support platform using Neo4j. (CRM, ticketing, and asset management). But some other projects I'm looking into are using Graphs for analyzing cyber security, connections, and traffic patterns.

Already using APOC to extend some JDBC queries, and exploring ideas to integrate to query Active Directory and Azure/Office365 to query users/groups/subscriptions/assets.

I have a lot of infrastructure background (Virtualization, Storage, LAN, MS/Citrix/VMware) and in the last few years have begun building security practices (particularly around the ForeScout product).

Looking forward to the community site and hope to contribute as I am able!

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Welcome to the forum Paul !

An alround IT person (judging by what you wrote) ... those are getting rarer all the time :-) !


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From what you describe you might want to check out which is an application builder on top of neo4j with already a ton of features included. Btw. APOC also has apod.load.ldap which could help you with your AD import? And apoc.load.json for the MS APIs. Would love to get your feedback on the network management sandbox (

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Thanks for the response. I saw the apoc presentation at GraphConnect, and I've already begun working with the load.jdbc, load json, and just started working with the load.ldap. I've stood up a structr server, so that will be my next step.

I did run into some issues with the apoc.load.ldap, but I'll post those in the apoc procedures forum. I took a very brief view of the network sandbox, and there is a LOT of content there to review that I think will be relevant to some of my use cases, so thanks for the link!