Online restore


I am currently testing v4.2.6 neo4j-admin restore. From Restore a database backup - Operations Manual I thought that I can do online restore.

But when I test the code, here is what I see:

$ ./bin/neo4j-admin restore --from=backup/neo4j --database=neo4j --force
restorePath=/xxx/neo4j-xxx/backup/neo4j, restoreStatus=failed, reason=The database is in use. Stop database 'neo4j' and try again. Restore command wasn't execute successfully.

Can I confirm if I did something wrong or restore is only done offline?


The error is expected.

You can not restore a backup into an existing database that is currently online and attached to by a Neo4j Java process.

Gotcha, just wanted the confirmation that restore is offline as the document says online backup. Thanks.