Neo4j Desktop: Backup/restore?

Does the Neo4j Desktop, with included developer server, allow use of the backup/restore functionality? In the docs, it looks like that is an enterprise function.

I used Neo4j several years ago, and at that time, there was no backup/restore functionality (except with the full enterprise version). I'm wondering if that changed.

Neo4j Desktop bundles a enterprise version for personal usage. Using the built-in terminal tab you can run bin/neo4j-admin [backup|restore]

By "built-in terminal tab", do you mean something from the desktop tool (which I don't see), or a command-window open to the "bin" directory, from an installation via the .Zip distribution (since the .exe doesn't seem to come with neo4j-admin, that I can see).

My platform is (forgive me) Windows 10.

Found it; under manage database...