Older versions download archive

Hi, I have searched but have not found an archive link to download for Windows and Linux environments:

1). older Desktop versions with document for list of features included
2). older Bloom versions with document for list of features included
3). corresponding Enterprise and Community versions
4). database that came packaged as default with that Desktop version
5). APOC version for that Desktop and Database version

Please advise.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @newkid

You can change the release number and download it.

  1. Neo4j Desktop
  1. Commuinity
  1. Enterprise

Hi, thanks for the response and links. I will check them out. Please do let me know if you are able to find any information on #2 (Bloom) and #5 (APOC) compatible versions documentation and download links for the corresponding older versions of Desktop/Enterprise/Community. Appreciate your help.


I don't know how to find Neo4j Bloom (because is located in a private repository, i guess),
but regarding APOC you can download older versions into GitHub page, here:

Thanks, I was hoping to find the version #s and download link to the Bloom and APOC for a corresponding older version of the Desktop. So, versions that were released when, for example, Desktop 1.3.x was released, as there possibly may be some compatibility issues with different installed configurations.