Create older database versions from new downloaded Neo4j Desktop


I've recently downloaded Neo4j Desktop in a new machine, version 1.2.7. It allows me to create databases only from 4.0.3 versions, and my other environments are using 3.5.6, so I'd like to generate a db of this version. Any tips?


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Hey Miguel, I'm trying to do the same thing. It seems to be possible to select from a list of DB versions in the Neo4j Desktop app for Windows, but I'm only finding 4.0.3 as an option in the current version (1.2.8) and previous (1.2.7) appimage versions on Linux. Are you using the Linux image? If so, and you find a way to install older DB versions, please let me know!

Thanks Brendan, sounds like a bug then. I'll share it if I find out.