Nowhere to open Bloom on Neo4j version 1.2.8?

I am using Neo4j Desktop

According to, Neo4j Bloom client comes pre-packaged within Neo4j Desktop. Starting with Bloom 1.3, the Bloom client is enabled and ready to use in Desktop. In Neo4j Desktop 1.2.5 and prior versions, the Bloom client app can be added to any project. Starting with Desktop 1.2.6, you can find and directly run the Bloom app from the “Applications” sidebar drawer.

However, I cannot find the Bloom app from the "Applications" sidebar drawer, nor is it available for download in the app gallery? Am I missing something? Thank you in advance for your help.

I had this same problem. I downloaded Neo4j 4.0 again and did a fresh installation. Bloom is now available from the Open menu.