Novice trying to import access database on Mac Os

I have another problem which has reared it's ugly head. Date column has dates of different lengths i.e. in some cases just the year e.g. 1836, in others year and month i.e. 1984/02 and yet in others the year, month and day i.e. 1836/03/09. I when merching my USER, one of the attributes I am adding is the date i.e MERGE (user:User {id:row.usr_id), date:date(}) and I am getting an error message that says ""Text cannot be parsed to a Date "1826/09"""". How best can I resolve the issue? is there a way YYYY/MM can be parsed as a date? the same issue occurs if I use CREATE instead of MERGE
thanks in advance?

I think this comes down to having inconsistent data representing a date. Typically a date includes date, month and year. For 1836 this simply is a number. If we were to convert to a date, even if we could, how would it be represented as a year, month, day? Is this thus January 1 or 1836? The same for 1826/09. Is that the 9th month of 1826? If so then what day of the 9th month of 1826? If not the 9th month is it 9th the day?
If this 'date' is coming from some table.column in Access how does Access interpret 1826 ???

Hi there, I am back again. I have a Cypher query that I am using and it is as follows:
MATCH (c:Collector),(s:Site)
with c,s
AND c.year =s.year AND c.month = s.month,
RETURN DISTINCT(,, c.month, c.year, s.year

This query is meant to show me collectors that were collecting from the same site at the same time, i.e. same month and year.I am trying to exclude NULLS and NA from the results, how best can I structure the query as this is giving me error.

Also, is it possible to have a variant of the query to have a look at people collecting at the same location but a year apart, how would I change the query to achieve these results?

it might be best to start a new thread/question as if not mistaken the initial problem and as the subject describes of Novice trying to import access database on MacOS is now solved? correct?