Novice trying to import access database on Mac Os

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I am new to neo4j and l have a Microsoft access database that l am trying to import to neo4j. I am struggling with how k should proceed

Access is interesting. Can you dump it to CSV files which then can be easily imported?

You might want to try out the Neo4j-ETL tool with a JDBC driver for access but I haven't tried that myself.

Using something like this:

I have dumped the data into CSV and tried to import it that way. However, l am on a Mac and the LOAD CSV command does not work, l am getting an error message, “command not found". Brew install and changing the Path to the Neo4j bin directory does not work.

Is this an error you have encountered before, if so, how can this be resolved.


LOAD CSV command not found? LOAD CSV is a cypher statement . You need to run a LOAD CSV at a cypher prompt, for example thru bin/cypher-shell or through the browser.