"Not a valid Neo4j Archive" error when trying to load a .dump file


I'm needing to recover data from a dump file to my local neo4j instance. The .dump file was handed to me without much specifics regarding how it was generated, the neo4j version, etc. However, I do believe that it was from a machine running unix vs my local computer running Windows, not sure if this would make a difference.

I've followed this link https://neo4j.com/docs/operations-manual/current/tools/dump-load/ to dump and load my local test instance and everything works fine. However, I'm running into a "Not a valid Neo4j Archive" error when replacing my test.dump file with the real dump file that I need to recover. I put the two files in the same location so I don't think it's a directory related issue.

I'm using Neo4j Desktop 1.1.13 and Neo4j Enteprise version 3.4.8.

I'm pretty stuck as to what to do, not even sure where to look. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,