Node name/text missing

Hello Everyone,

I am new to Neo4J. I am building a new graph and in that graph I have a node name suppliers, toys and nation.

For the nodes names toys, there is no text on the nodes, whilest the other nodes do have text on them.
Does anyone know why this is?

See attachment

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The visualizer has no idea of what property of a node to use for the caption, and sometimes it doesn't select anything for the caption.

You can change what is used for the caption on a label-wide basis.

  1. Click on the node label (near the top, just underneath the query string). When you do, you will see at the bottom of the result pane additional controls for changing how nodes of that label will display, including color, size, and caption to use.

  2. Click on the desired property to use as the caption.


Hello Andrew,

Thank you for that piece of knowledge. It worked exactly as you mentioned.


Hi @andrew.bowman, this is a very useful tip. However, every time I refresh my query in Neo4j Desktop, the information I just set for caption disappear and I have to set up it again. Is there a catch I didn't see? It looks very simple to fix but I'm not able to.

I checked this article in Stackoverflow but I failed to locate the Graph Style Sheet mentioned there.

Thanks in advance.

That sounds buggy to me. Please create an issue on our github page here:

Hi Andrew.

This is the issue I created today.