How to set a specific name to a CAPTION of a label

Hello Team,

May I know how to set a specific property to a CAPTION of a label in Neo4j-browser?


When viewing graph results, you should see label names just below the query part near the top of the result pane.

Click on the desired label whose caption you want to change. You should see additional controls at the bottom of the result pane related to display of nodes of that label. You can set the color and size of the node as well as select the caption to use.

Hello Andrew,

Many thanks for the quick help. I can successfully change the things according to my need.

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Hi Andrew,

is it possible to set the caption in a cypher query?
Because I have millions of nodes and dont want to set the caption in browser by hand.

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No, it's not currently possible, as there is no link between the visualizer and neo4j itself as far as what property to use in a visualization.

Note that you do not have to set the caption per node. In the visualization, you would select the label of interest, then select the property to use as a caption, and it would apply it for all nodes of that label in the result visualization.

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