No py2neo.ext.calendar – Calendar in py2neo v4 ?!


(Paddy10tellys) #1

I liked GregorianCalendar. What happened to it? Why was it axed in py2neo v4?
What replaced it?

Tips appreciated.
Many thanks.

(Nigel Small) #2

Nothing replaced it as such but I decided to remove it since Neo4j 3.4 and upwards now supports temporal data types.

(Paddy10tellys) #3

Hi, shame because this and this is so user-friendly... I havn't been able to find docs/examples demonstrating the use of temporal data types in py2neo. Can you signpost me?

py2neo is really cool & Nicole White's tutorials using it in the early days inspired me to take up programming as a hobby! Thx. PS I would support you via Patreon, so you could write docs/keep developing/get an assistant, or just keep it going. I believe loads of people really appreciate your effort & want py2neo to flourish.

(Paddy10tellys) #4

@technige Would you consider looking at and advise if I'm on the right track please?

Or anyone..?