NiFi goes Neo

Hi community,
I've already tried Kettle and Neo. That went without a hitch.
Now I want to use NiFi and Neo together and encounter problems:

Neo processors are not included in the standard installation of NiFi, but there is a "nifi-graph-bundle" in the official NiFi Github Repo (

Following the instructions I come across some errors.

Since I haven't worked with Maven and Java yet, I don't know if it's the configuration.

Error message after executing "mvn -T 2.0C clean install" in the nifi root directory:

Can someone help me and even provide me with the required nar file? Initially I wanted to reach the graph database via JDBC, but of course the corresponding Execute SQL processor doesn't understand Cypher. :frowning:

First of all, the graph bundle is coming but unfortunately not with nifi 1.9.2 but with 1.10.0 RC.

I also found out what it takes to successfully create the package: Execute

mvn clean install -DskipTests

to compile tests, but skip running them.

So is there currently no way to work with Neo4j on nifi 1.9.2?

NiFi 1.10.0 is out now.

#Bad News
The graph bundle is not included in the original nifi 1.10.0 but you can create the bundle by yourself.

#Good News
The processor works perfectly and only with URL, username and password.

You can choose:

The Controller Service is set up in seconds:

Processor is really simple:

Most importantly, it works:

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