New to Neo4j, not new to Database. Looking to learn a lot more about Cypher and graphs

I've spent the majority of my working career developing applications and various languages and platforms. Recently my I have been investigating other areas and my skills have quickly become out of date. I discovered Graphs and Neo4j as a result.
I am excited to get started using it and transitioning away from MySQL and schemas.
I am currently trying to set up a project for a Church Fundraising platform using AWS for cloud computing and Neo4j for the data storage. Volume will be low and this is the first stab at making the app available.
At this point all I seem to have is questions but I am learning fast.

Welcome to group Tim. Please don't hesitate to post your queries here, may I can learn few things from that...

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Thank you Vinoth for your kind reply. This all seems so... big. Overwhelming. Where to begin. I have a handle on Cypher now. I started with the desktop app and it works pretty well/easily. Now I am starting to work with an AWS version. I cant seem to get the password to work. I have tried searching but not finding the information I am looking for. Where would I post a query on this where people would see it?

Tim, my suggestion would be to create a new topic under installation category.

Thanks Vinoth. Turns out that nobody replied to the post I made, but I was able to get a connection working through a browser. I am still working on getting an SSH connection to it. I will post my solution in my other post for others to look at. Thanks for taking an interest.

Tim, sorry I am unable to find your other post. I can try to help on your SSH query. Can you please let me know what is the specific challenge you are facing for SSH?

Hi All,

I am new to neo4j. I need help from neo4j experts to solve classification problem using knowledge graph. Can I get some freelancer/paid consultants here?