Newbie need help inputting multiple relationships

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Maybe someone can help me here. I am totally new to Neo4j. I have built a database with 3 different Nodes I now need to define the relationship between the data and like before I tested one relationship in the browser to ensure it works then moved over to Python to produce a dump file with commands to add the rest of the relationship data ( create (WR:WebSiteName{WebIP: ''}) - [:WEBSITELOCATIONRELATION] ->(LR:Location{Ip: ''}); ) Sample of my connection. Anyway when I dump the lines into the browser to run the create statements it I get an error (Neo.ClientError.Statement.SyntaxError: Expected exactly one statement per query but got: 1019) now I understand that it is looking for one statement at a time but is there away around this as I have a total of 1325 relationships to define?

I have run single statements and they do work.

Kind regards

Matthew Swart

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Hi Matt,

Could you please share the data schema or Sample data for which you want to Create Relationship.
Bdw you can use below query structure for adding relationship

MATCH (WR:WebSiteName{WebIP: ''})
MATCH (LR:Location{Ip: ''}) 

in above query if you want to avoid duplicate Relationshio then USE Merge instead of Create
one more thing as i can see in your query that is your location Ip and Website WebIP is same .

do you want to use constraint that Website WebIP = location Ip ??

If you want to use this Constraint then Query can be like below

Match (LR:Location) WITH WR,LR WHERE WR.WebIP= LR.Ip

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Data summary:
107 of ---> CREATE (W0:WebSiteName { webIP: "" ,webName: ""}); (Obviously each one is different website and ip.

995 of ----> CREATE (H0:HopInfo { webIPForHop: "" ,HopNumber: "1" ,HopIP: "" ,RTT1: "12.221" ,RTT2: "12.198" ,RTT3: "12.177"});

1917 of ----> CREATE (L0:Location { lon: "-122.348" ,lat: "47.6339" ,Ip: "" });

Then I need to make connections/relationships:
147 of -----> create (WR:WebSiteName{WebIP: ''}) - [:WEBSITELOCATIONRELATION] -> (LR:Location{Ip: ''});

1176 of ----> create (HR:HopInfo{HopIP: ''}) - [:HOPLOCATIONRELATION] -> (LHR:Location{Ip: ''});

Thanks for the suggestion on the add relationships I am rebuilding dump file now.

The top 3 create statements have gone in to the database with no trouble at all.
It is just the relationship data that is giving me issues, But I can input those statements one at a time.

As you can see if I try run two of the revised statements it says it was expecting one but got 2 and I am wondering is there a way to overcome this.

Running one revised query works perfectly fine.

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OK figured out the issue on the desktop I needed to go into settings and tick the "Enable multi statement query editor" box.

(12kunal34) #5

so is it working fine now ??
or is there any issue ?