Newbie in London

Hello everyone! I'm a Data Scientist, completely new to Graphical Databases. I'm from Scotland but currently live in London. Here to learn all about Neo4j and the opportunities it provides businesses. If you have any hints or tips for newbies, these are most welcomed!
Many thanks

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Hello and welcome!

Some tips:

  • Keep the neo4j Cypher refcard handy :slight_smile: Cypher Refcard
    I've been working with Neo4j for awhile and its still first tab open in my browser.
  • Keep writing queries - best way to learn about Neo4j is to wade through some data
  • Ask questions if you get stuck, community is here to help!
  • annd perhaps keep an eye out for blog posts now and then to read and learn something new (a new trick with Cypher or something like that)

Good luck!

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