Neo4j Sandbox - Collaborator Invites Pending

A similar question was asked in this category on May 28, 2021, and has received no answer.

(May 28:

I have four invites to my Sandbox that are "pending", well more than 24 hours after being sent. (I sent only four.) I'm not sure if they got the invite or if it doesn't work. Does it say "Pending" because Neo4j hasn't "approved" it? Or because they haven't navigated to the Sandbox database?

Will the status change to "Accepted" or something like that when they receive or act on the invite?


JRM, Houston, TX

Hi James, the "pending" status means that the people who you have sent the invite to, have not yet accepted it. They should have received an email with the invite link. When they click on it, after they login in, it will automatically be accepted and the sandbox will be visible on their dashboard. Neo4j does not play any part in approval/rejection of the invitation. Hope that helps.

Thank you, Shreyans. This is helpful. Can you go post your reply back to Djnz's post on May 28 as well?

(Invited coworkers are not able to see the project)


Hi @james.mireles, I just found that there was a bug that might have prevented from successfully accepting the invite. I just fixed and tested it and it seems to be working. You will have to terminate and recreate the sandbox and invite your colleagues again and it will work for them this time.

Much obliged, Shreyans. I'll follow up.