Neo4j refuses to connect

Good day "neo4jers"

I have been having issue with neo4j 3.5 on my centos 7 vps.

After installing neo4j and changed password,

I have to try atleast 3 times before I could login because it kept saying
Neo.ClientError.Security.Unauthorized: Invalid username or password..

After login attempt, I tried creating a label and I got this:

CREATE (ee:Person { name: "Emil", from: "Sweden", klout: 99 })

#### Neo.ClientError.Security.AuthenticationRateLimit

Too many failed authentication requests. Please wait 5 seconds and try again

Then it displays Connect to neo4j screen.

Welcome Meshmmanuel,

My suggestion may look weird, however could you please restart your machine and try to connect Neo4j.


I have restarted my machine severally.

I have also contacted Neo4j