Neo4j Python - DB is updated, result summary is not null but the result object is None

Hi, I am trying to get the user id after inserting the node, but I dont see the value in the result object. Being new, I am confident I am missing something obvious. PL note that the node is in the db and the result summary object shows the nodes created. can you please help?

def insert_gdbuser(self, email_address, password):
    driver = NeoDB.get_session()
    user_id = uuid.uuid4()
    result = driver.write_transaction(
        lambda tx:
            "CREATE (u:User {email_address:$email_address, password:$password, user_id:$user_id})"
            " RETURN u.email_address, u.user_id",
            {"email_address": str(email_address), "password": str(password), "user_id": str(user_id)}))

    record = result.single()

info = result.consume().counters.nodes_created
if info > 0 and record is not None:
print("The user id is", record["u.user_id"])

Thanks for your help

the result is no longer valid outside of the tx

so inside of the tx you need to return result.single()

thanks. figured it out from the docs after I submitted my question. Appreciate your response.