Neo4j Procedure in Kotlin


(Jiropole) #1

While it was a bit extra work getting Kotlin to work smoothly with SDN & OGM, with help from this awesome community I was able to get it working happily. Emboldened by that success, I was going to attempt to convert a stored procedure to Kotlin, but I'm running into an issue with getting the GraphDatabaseService injected into a procedure class. Code:

open class OrderedConnect /*constructor(@Context var db: GraphDatabaseService? = null,
                                      @Context var log: Log? = null)*/ {
    open var db: GraphDatabaseService? = null

If I try it with the commented-out constructor version, the exception is "kotlin.jvm.internal.DefaultConstructorMarker". The other way, exception is "Field db on OrderedConnect must be non-final and public." I'm not sure how to make those much more non-final and public, but being a master of neither JVM nor Kotlin I was hoping a solution might jump out to someone.

Thanks in advance!

(Benoit Simard) #2

FYI, I don't know Kotlin, but based on the graphql plugin ( you should try this :

@JvmField var db: GraphDatabaseService? = null

Hope it can helps, otherwise take a look at the code's plugin or wait for a Kotlin master :)

(Jiropole) #3

Thank you @Benoit! I'd tried that briefly, but discarded as it can only be applied to final and that seemed the opposite direction to go, but it turns out that's the solution! I hadn't found any Kotlin procedures in the wild, so that link is super helpful! (Although note it's missing the final "l")