Neo4j Ports are Changed

It seems that the ports on my Desktop installation is changed to the following without my intervention:

Bolt port 11001
HTTP port 11002
HTTPS port 11003

How do I change it back to the default or should I let it stay like this? I have no problem communicating through 11002

Hi Mansour,

If you wish to change the ports, you can do so via the neo4j.conf file. You can access this via Neo4j Desktop.

To access via Desktop, first stop your Neo4j database instance, and then click on 'Manage' and then 'Settings'.

Also may be of interest: Ports - Operations Manual

I hope this helps!


and as to change without your intervention, when Desktop is started if a port is already in use then Neo will renumber its ports so as not to cause port conflict and thus prevent Neo4j from starting

All Great answers. Thank you.