Neo4j kernel 4.0-aura seems to break handling of nulls in apoc.convert.toJson

For an Aura DB currently running '4.0-aura',

return apoc.convert.toJson({a:null}) as json_record_str;

throws an error, whereas it used to work perfectly before. This affects any JSON conversion for any object where there is a null value for any property. Per the JSON spec, null is a valid value: JSON


Can you provide the apoc version, just execute RETURN apoc.version().
This bug should have been fixed been fixed in all 4.x versions, except 4.4

apoc.version() returns 4.4. Note I can't control the apoc version installed on Neo4J Aura, so all Aura users will be affected until either Apoc is rolled back or this is fixed in 4.4.



Now the apoc version is different on our instance.

RETURN apoc.version();


But the error is still present:

return apoc.convert.toJson({a:null}) as json_record_str;

Failed to invoke function apoc.convert.toJson: Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException

Yep, I meant 4.4.x.x, so until now the bug is still present in all 4.4 subversions.

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