Neo4j java driver vs neo4j JDBC driver

Hey there,

I developed a simple java application to access neo4j using neo4j java driver and another one using neo4j JDBC driver.

can someone tell me what is the difference between them? and which one should I use.

Hello, the JDBC driver is built on top of the native Java driver and implements the JDBC spec.

Its main use nowadays is for interoperability with tools that are designed for relational database (BI tools for instance).
If you are working on a new application, you should use the native Java driver directly.

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Thanks, @florent_biville
just to make sure that I understood, do you mean with native java driver the neo4j java driver?
one more thing is neo4j java driver more powerful than JDBC?

By "native", I indeed mean the official Java driver.

JDBC is a wrapper of that driver and is only meaningful when you deal with legacy applications that only understand relational databases.

For new applications without this relational database requirement, use the official "native" Java driver directly since you don't need the JDBC overhead.

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Greate, Thanks again that was really perfect answer

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