Neo4j in Django project with multiple databases

Hello everyone!
I am creating a Django project and I want to store user data in a relational database and all my resources in a neo4j database using django-neomodel (
The documentation states that the main settings to integrate neo4j are the NEOMODEL_NEO4J_BOLT_URL = os.environ.get('NEO4J_BOLT_URL', 'bolt://neo4j:test@localhost:7687') and adding "django_neomodel" to the installed apps. There is no change to the Database settings section.
However, the documentation for using multiple databases in Django ( requires defining your databases settings. Hence, I am wondering how to integrate multiple databases with neo4j.
Would the project use the neo4j database by default for models defined using neomodel without the need to define it in the databases section?

Thank you very much in advance!