Neo4j Desktop and Neo4j Database

(Hugo) #1

Hi, I am pretty new to Neo4j, but I am very excited to the technology and I want to use it as my persistence plataforma for my new start up product that I am going to develop with Python and Django in the back-end, and React in the front-end.

I have installed Neo4j Desktop and have been using it to learn the concepts and to get fluent on cypher. Now I want to connect it to Django, but I am getting some issues: I just can't get a connection from Django to the Database.

I have configured my with config.DATABASE_URL = 'bolt://hugolvc:Steppen1@localhost:7687' and I have installed neomodel and ne04j-driver, but I get a "ServiceUnavailable" error.

Can I use Neo4j Desktop Database from Python?

(M. David Allen) #2

To answer the question - yes you can use python to connect to a local database running in Neo4j Desktop.

Can you paste the full error that you're seeing? Also please past anything that looks relevant from neo4j.log and debug.log within neo4j Desktop.

(Hugo) #3

David, thanks for answering. I just found what the problem is, It's an exclamation character in the password. I just changed the password and I got able to connect from python. I don't know where the problem arises from because I can connect from Neo4j desktop with the exclamation character in the password, but not from python.

(Michael Hunger) #4

Could you do me a favour and try to use the URL encoding %21 for !?

(Michael Hunger) #5

Which Django integration/Python driver do you use?

(Hugo) #6


(Michael Hunger) #7

Did you try the alternative encoding?