Neo4j import error - " quote in ID is screwing up import

(Benjamin Squire) #1

[ERROR]- Multi-line fields are illegal in this context and so this might suggest that there's a field with a start
quote, but a missing end quote

~/../../../usr/bin/neo4j-admin import --nodes "import/uids-header.csv,import/uid_no.*" --relationships:RELATED "import/rels-header.csv,import/relationships.csv" --high-io=true --ignore-duplicate-nodes=true --ignore-missing-nodes=true --delimiter="~" --max-memory=95%

record of relationship file


" is part of the id, how can I either:
a.) Ignore this record for both node creation and relationship creation
b.) ignore the " so the error doesn't kick

Neo4j Community version 3.4.9
Running on 120 GB EC2 in AWS