Neo4j Helm Chart for kafka connector as Source

Hey there..
I am trying to install neo4j using helm chart. I also have requirements to configure Kafka Source stream connector. Could you please help with the configuration required on the helm charts for configuring streams.

Configuration required for the helm.

  1. Copy the required JAR file (neo4j-streams-4.0.8.jar) to the neo4j plugin folder in the container
  2. Setting environment variables for enabling nodes to push change logs to Kafka topic.


Usage of the plugin with the neo4j-helm distribution isn't the way I would recommend going. You should use the version of neo4j-streams that functions as a kafka connect agent. This is documented here:

Finally, you don't need to install this in any way with neo4j-helm. Rather, you can run this as a separate docker container. The confluent site gives great advice about how to run kafka connect agents in Kubernetes:

Thanks @david.allen for replying to the question.

In the link you have given for source connect, its mentioned source feature is yet to release. See below snap.