Neo4j for Mbse simulation

A liitle question for Neo4j experts:

I am systems engineer working in aerospace and very interested to use Neo4j to store the avionic architecture of a drones. Computer connect to sensors, ports, pinout + relationships..etc. This would equivalent to the network modeling usecase I saw on the tutorial videos.

I trying to find out if I can use Neo4j somehow to simulate the data stream between each node. For example, a computer partition running a functions of fuel management. This functions would be communicating throught a port at a specific pin ID with a fuel sensor. The fuel temperature would be returned to the computer in a specific format throught the relationships...

Is there any way to view the flow of data on the graph? When simulating request from software?

I guess an equivalent would be computer networks with data packet flowing throught ports, IP..with the physical layer and communication protocole...etc

If there is any links to goods tutorials, demo, help file on this use cases, I would be very interested.

Thank you very much,

Hi, This article is similar to what you need



Yes indeed very interesting article. Thank you very much for this link