Neo4j Export Large graph into word

Dear Team ,

As we are documenting the model we need to export a particular graph which has 100 nodes connected to it .Is there any plugin that could export graph into word or a seprate sheets to a readable format

Thanks in Advance

Hello @naveenkumar.S :slight_smile:

Do you want a picture of the graph of the data? You should have a look at the export options (see Output, Export, & Visualization Tips).


Thanks for the reply @Cobra

Yeah I have exported as png but when it comes to larger data after exporting and we are documenting as a word/ppt so at that time the png was not in a readable format we have to zoom in .

Is it a Good Idea to export a graph with pagination?


Depending of what you want to show/explain on your document, you can use Cypher queries to select nodes and relationships then export it as png or other format.