Export PNG or SVG

Hello i have a GraphDatabase with 10,000 nodes and 50,000 relationships i want to have a snapshot of all the graph.
I want that the query " MATCH (n) RETURN (n) " were exported to PNG or SVG is any method to do that?, Wich is the Best Way? , when i do the query neo4j-browser dont show all nodes and relationships and show a message that said "Not all return nodes are being displayed due to Initial Node Display setting. Only 4000 of 4000 nodes are being displayed"

Exists a Query that export to PNG or SVG the resultant data without seeing on the browser?

Greetings from México!

Hello @leonardo.bouchan

On recent versions of Neo4j, you can export CSV, SVG or PNG directly from the console - button on top right in attached image.

Alternatively, you can export using APOC: https://neo4j-contrib.github.io/neo4j-apoc-procedures/#export-csv

Hello Jasper, thanks for your response , I know that we can do from neo4j Browser, the problem is that I have 10,000 nodes and 60,000 relationships, its so heavy , so I cant do a MATCH (N) RETURN (N) , because the browser stop working, APOC don't work for me because is for JSON and CSV I need a PNG .


I see. For visualizing large data sets efficiently, there are various options. If you're looking for a free and open source option, how about using this approach: