Neo4j Desktop version stooped working today (Winodws 10 environment)


I am new to NEo4j and started to go through the software training. It was working well up to yesterday and today it is not coming up. When I look in the programs running, there are 2 processes named "Neo4j Desktop" entries that show running but I do not see anything on the screen. I removed the processes and tried again but it did not help as it brings again 2 instances of "Neo4j Desktop". Nothing new was installed on the computer since yesterday except an automatic Windows update.

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Have you tried rebooting your machine? I seen windows hang onto things like the ports even after I've done a clean shutdown of Neo4j and a simple reboot of the laptop is the easier way to clean windows up.

I rebooted but it did not help. The process was running and consuming process and memory while nothing visible on the screen.

Finally, I uninstalled and reinstalled and it started working.