Neo4j Desktop Can't export database


I'm trying to export a neo4j database to a .dump file but when I do so in the desktop app it tells me that its hit and error. The error logs show the following error:

[2021-10-25 20:47:26.545] [error] Selecting JVM - Version:11.0.8, Name:OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM, Vendor:Azul Systems, Inc.
Invalid value for option '--to': cannot convert 'C:\Users\gsyke\.Neo4jDesktop\relate-data\projects\project-45909243-b8de-4b60-9684-f6dcbbb1e1c7\main-neo4j-25-Oct-2021-20:47:22.dump' to interface java.nio.file.Path (java.nio.file.InvalidPathException: Illegal char <:> at index 120: C:\Users\gsyke\.Neo4jDesktop\relate-data\projects\project-45909243-b8de-4b60-9684-f6dcbbb1e1c7\main-neo4j-25-Oct-2021-20:47:22.dump)

OS: Windows 10 Home version 19043.1288
Neo4j Desktop version: 1.4.9
Neo4j database version: 4.3.1
Neo4j Desktop log:
GDS plugin installed version 1.6.1

Tried adding the log files as suggested in the template text but was told there was too many characters.

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given the error reports

java.nio.file.InvalidPathException: Illegal char <:> at index 120: C:\Users\gsyke\.Neo4jDesktop\relate-data\projects\project-45909243-b8de-4b60-9684-f6dcbbb1e1c7\main-neo4j-25-Oct-2021-20:47:22.dump

if you remove the : from the file name are you able to export?
Are you able to export if for example you simply attempt to export to a file named main-neo4j25OCT2021.dmp


I’m not running the tool from the command line and the desktop UI doesn’t let you define a file name its just auto generated.

Hi (Hello) Gsykes537

There is a specific command which one can invoke on Neo4j aura console. Please refer to syntax of command neo4j-admin command for apt command line switches.

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Currently I’m running the database locally not on aura. I want to convert the local database to one on Aura. I’m using the GUI tool to interact with the database and when I try using the neo4j-admin command on the windows command line it tells me that the commands not found. I’m on the community edition so I think it doesn’t come pre-installed.

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I think you need to install admin kit. Please look at the installation documents for proper guidance.

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Sameer Sudhir G