Neo4j cpu cores usage

Hello everyone! I'am planning to deploy CentOS Neo4j server based on HP Proliant DL380E G8 platrorm with 2 Xeon E5 2407 CPU (4 cores/4 threads every).

And question is: can I use power of all cores using free Neo4j community license?

And in future I planning to use two more powerfull E5-2440 v2 cpu's (8 cores/16 threads every, 16 cores/32 threads together - can I also use all cores/threads in this case)?


Hi djenia,

I found this, it may be useful:

It doesn't talk about Community Edition, but you should be ale to see what the current core affinity is, and change it if you want.
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Hi, Oleg) Thank you for useful link. I will read it