Neo4j Browser Sync got very slow

I'm using Chrome as the Browser. But my browser got very slow after I signed in for Neo4j Browser Sync.

This is what I did: 1) I checked the box for Sign in/Register for Neo4j Browser Sync since I wanted to stored my favorite Cypher scripts. 2) Running pretty well for a hour or so, the Chrome began to become slower and slower. 3) I have to signed out and even clicked "clear local data" button. No help.

Can you please help me to resolve the issue?

I can access the Neo4j from a Firefox browser (without Neo4j Browser Sync) runs fine and fast.


I also tried the Neo4j Browser Sync in Firefox, now the Firefox browser became slower as well. So this issue is not Browser specific.

In Firefox,
Privacy & Security
Cookies and Site Data
Manage Data…,
Deleting the URL line associated the Neo4j server will get back to the speed. This can keep my favorite scripts sometimes, but not very repeatable.

Don't know how to do it with Chrome. Appreciate if Neo4j folk can give the help or hint on this issue with Browser Sync.


Hi Tao,
I have to say that I have exactly the same problem, and it is even not computer dependent (with different OS : archlinux, windows 10). I suspect that it is related to the configuration file of the database. However, I am not that familliar with this file, so if anybody has ideas, they would be really welcome.

Thakns a lot,


try this