Neo4j Bolt driver wrapper for Angular

(Maxim Salnikov) #1

Let me introduce the module I created for using Neo4j Bolt driver for JavaScript from the Angular application. A special browser version of the driver supports connecting to Neo4j over WebSockets.

On GitHub:
PRs are welcome!

Maxim Salnikov

(M. David Allen) #2

Nice work Maxim! So it looks like from the README you have a situation where the user is entering their username/password into your angular app to use with the database, is that right?

It looks like a pretty easy way to plug in a neo4j connection into any angular app. What kind of apps are you writing with this?

(Maxim Salnikov) #3

Thank you, David!
Yes, in the simplest (backendless) setup the user enters neo4j credentials in the app's UI dialog. That works fine for the internal tools/helpers I build to support my team's experiments on relationships-based identity management at ForgeRock. My teammates had a session at GraphConnect about Access Management: Injecting Identity into the Graph

(Karin Wolok) #4