Neo4j Bolt driver for Python : Re-using just 1 SESSION vs. starting/destroying sessions as needed

I have a wrapper class to provide convenience and extra functionality around the standard Neo4j Bolt driver for Python... My main dilemma is how to best handle sessions.

A simple approach is to just start a new session when this class is instantiated, then save it as an object attribute, and just re-use as needed... As simple as it gets!

And yet, the Neo4j Python Driver 4.2 API Documentation says:

a session should generally be short-lived... In general, sessions will be created and destroyed within a with context

On a similar note, The session API - Neo4j Driver Manual says

In languages that support them, simple sessions are usually scoped within a context block; this ensures that they are properly closed and that any underlying connections are released and not leaked.

However, it'd seem that the simple approach of doing everything within the same 1 session, also prevents any danger of leaking sessions!
On this forum, I found Best way to use Neo4J driver sessions , but it doesn't really answer my question. It only provided a case report:

The most common way I've seen is to have one session for reads and another for writes

I'd love to hear about pros and cons...
I'd love to hear about best practices...
I presume the best approach may depend on single vs. multiple nodes... and on the amount of concurrent traffic ?