Neo4j backup fails after upgrading from 4.0.x to 4.3.x

Hi there, I have upgraded neo4j 4.0.11 to 4.3.2 recently. I was able to restore all the user databases on the new version and can query the db's just fine. I have performed consistency check on all the db's restored on the new instance and they all passed. I wanted to make sure i can successfully capture the backup before i call the upgrade successful but the backup is failing with the below error. could some one please help! much appreciated.

  • neo4j version 4.3.2
2021-09-13 16:44:58.377+0000 INFO  [c.n.c.c.SimpleInboundCatchupProtocolMessageLogger] [backup-server] Handling TxPullRequest for DatabaseId{4c27db6e}. Requires to pull transactions above transaction id:  71 [From: /]
2021-09-13 16:44:58.380+0000 WARN  [c.n.c.c.t.TxPullRequestHandler] [solution/4c27db6e] Failed streaming transactions [72--72] to / Unsupported in this version: LogCommandSerializationV4_0

this is resolved now. had to drop and recreate all the indexes and constraints.

I am also working on similar migration.Please share the steps you followed in your upgrade from 4.0.x ti 4.3.x. Thanks