Neo4J and studies of demography

My goal is to use Neo4j to research the historical demography! I am new in this field.

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Hi @vladimir.aleksic ,

Welcome to the Neo4j community! I had to google "historical demography" :blush:
Looks really interesting, and a great opportunity for graph modeling and analytics. Let us know how it goes.


ps. Of course, I ended up at wikipedia: Historical demography - Wikipedia

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Hello Vladimir
It looks similar to what I am doing with going thro the civil records (unions, births, deaths) in one single French village (about 1300 inhabitants at a time) from French Revolution to first WW. Until now I have collected unions and birth data in csv files and I am starting building the database itself with a lot of issues around identifying whether or not a person is new or an alias! How can we further exchange?

Dear Vincent,
Thank you for your email.
It is almost like a miracle. I had idea of conducting a similar project!
What is your affiliation? I took a year off and I am searching for a job in Berlin. I hope that Neo4j can help me with this task.
I check this mail box regularly Best,

Thank you Valdimir, I will give you more details by direct e-mail.