Neo4j Admin Module 6 exercise #1 can't use cypher shell terminal commands in "plain text" and 'tail query.log" on Mac Terminal

I am doing exercise #1 module 6 (Monitoring queries) in the Neo4j Admin course I can't seem to log in to cypher shell with the illustrated "./cypher-shell --format plain username: reader password: reader" command nor view the log file for a long-running query in the terminal I started the Neo4j instance with the illustrated "tail query.log" command. I am using a Mac. Can anyone help on how to do it on a Mac terminal? I have tried running the "tail query.log" both in the $NEO4J_HOME/bin folder and in the $NEO4J_HOME/logs folder but nothing shows in the terminal


This exercise is one where you must use the Neo4j instance that is enabled for using LDAP. Did you go through the exercises where you configure the instance to use LDAP?

For that server, the credentials for logging in are reader/reader.


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@Elaine yes I did, I have discovered my problem I was entering this "./cypher-shell --format plain username: reader password: reader" as one command in the terminal instead of "./cypher-shell --format plain" then wait and enter "username: reader password: reader" on the next prompt. thanks a lot.

Then as a side note do you know where experienced neo4j administrators and developers can be hired? When the time to go live and setting up the instances comes I would like to know in advance where to contact them, especially those with some cybersecurity certification/background


You can also enter the username and password on the command line with the -u and -p arguments.

With respect to employment, look at the Jobs & Consulting Opportunities discussion list here on this site, but I am sure there are lots of Neo4j opportunities out there on LinkedIn, etc.

If you have not done so already, become a Certified Neo4j Developer too.

Good luck!

@Elaine thanks for the advice the thing is that we as startup would like to hire someone experienced when the time for hiring comes, besides me, I also want another Neo4j developer better than moi as well on the team. VCs & Angels look at experience before giving you the funds & the backend is critical we can’t afford to mess it up. So am wondering where can I find a pool of experienced Neo4j developers who have deployed actual robust And secure systems because we will be paying not for experiments but experience.