NEO4J and accessibility for blind users

Hello, I am a blind screen reader user and I am wondering if there are some accessibility solutions for using NEO4J with a screen reader. So far the desktop application is not built in a totally accessible manner which makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible to use for blind people. Is there a way to include some sort of accessibility API in to the NEO4J program and if not what are some alternatives>?I am wondering if the cypher command shell would be a viable alternative or even the python command shell would work. I am not sure what the differences between the aforementioned two shell programs would be so I am coming to this forum to get some help. I am also not a programmer and my skill is maybe around the beginner level for python and cypher.

If there are any other graph databases that have a desktop application that may be more accesible I would also like to try that. But not sure which ones have an easy to use desktop application.
any help or discussion is very very needed and welcom.



Hi Michael,

I think for your purpose it might be better suited to download the server installation directly, unzip it into a directory
set the initial password with bin/neo4j-admin set-initial-password <password>
and then start the server with bin/neo4j console

Then you can in a separate terminal run bin/cypher-shell -u neo4j -p <password> to connect to neo4j to run cypher commands interactively.
You can disable the "table" rendering with --format plain.

Please note that Cypher has quite a lot of symbols like parentheses, brackets, dashes, arrows etc.

I think the developer guides and docs which are plain HTML pages should help you getting started with Cypher.

Unfortunately the neo4j browser with it's network visualization is quite visual and I think not really useable with a screenreader.

Let me know if you need more tips to get started.